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3 Tips To Help You Design More Effective Banner Stands

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Participating in trade shows and attending conventions can be a great way to spread awareness for your company's products and services. Having an effective visual marketing plan is essential when it comes to the success of a trade show or convention booth, and banner stands play a key role in any comprehensive visual marketing plan.

Here are three tips that you can use to help ensure your banner stands are as effective as possible at your next event.

1. Place important information at eye-level.

When placing visual elements onto your banner stand, it's essential that you keep any pertinent and important information you want to relay to consumers at eye-level. In studying trends in consumer behavior, researchers have discovered that shoppers tend to pay greater attention to products that are placed at eye-level.

You can use this widely-accepted fact to your advantage when creating your banner stands. Having your take-away message appear at eye-level in your banner's final design will ensure that you are leaving consumers with your intended message during your next trade show or convention.

2. Keep messages short and sweet.

It's important to limit the amount of text you use in the design of the banner stands you use in your trade show or convention booth. Banners are ideally used to create visual appeal for your company, and statistics show that consumers want to see your products, not be told about them.

In fact, 67% of consumers report that visual images are very important to them, and that these images carry more weight than product descriptions, customer ratings, and other information when making a purchasing decision. Be sure that your banner stands showcase vivid images of your products to maximize the appeal of your trade show or convention booth.

3. Complement your company's logo.

You should ensure that your company's logo is incorporated into the design of each banner stand to promote brand consistency. Since you will want to feature a visual representation of your logo on each banner, it's essential that the rest of the banner is designed in a color palette that complements the colors found in your logo.

If you are unsure how to create a visual marketing design whose color palette will work well with your existing logo, partner with a professional graphic designer, like one from Divine Signs Inc., for assistance.

Taking the time to learn how you can improve the design of your banner stands will help you make your trade show and convention appearances more effective in the future.