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3 Ways Retrofitting Your Sign With LEDs Will Reduce Your Advertising Costs

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There are several reasons to replace your old neon or florescent sign lights with LED lights. LED lights are better for the environment and are considered the standard for modern businesses. Additionally, LED lights will save you considerable amounts of money that can be allocated to other parts of your advertising budget. 

LED Lights Are More Energy Efficient Than Neon and Florescent Lights

Both traditional neon and florescent lights consume considerably more energy than LED lights. A single LED light costs about $80/year to operate if it's turned on for a 12-hour period every night. Alternatively, neon lights cost more than $200 and florescent lights more than $300 to provide the same amount of lighting over the same period. If you have multiple lit signs, the savings that you will gain from switching to LED lighting will be significant, creating a bit more wiggle room in your budget for other methods of advertising. 

LED Lights Require Less Maintenance Than Neon and Florescent Lights 

When part of your sign or all of it goes dark, the people who see your signage might question your business's credibility. Partially lit signs look sloppy and unkempt, which is why it is important to get your lit signs regularly maintained. Neon lights need to be refilled with neon occasionally, with older tubes needing refilling more often. This is something that most business owners cannot do on their own, and the process can be costly. Florescent lights may burn out or may lose contact with their sockets, causing a dark spot in your signage. Comparatively, LED lights require much less maintenance throughout their life. Less maintenance saves you money and time while also maintaining the positive image of your business. 

LED Lights Have a Longer Lifespan Than Neon and Florescent Lights

When properly maintained, both LED lights and neon lights have a considerably longer lifespan than florescent lights. Both LED and neon can last over a decade while florescent bulbs need to be replaced every few years. However, LED lights tend to have this long lifespan even when they are not regularly maintained whereas neon will have to be replaced much sooner if it is not properly maintained. The cost of replacing lighting can be significant, depending on how much light your signage requires, so avoiding replacement for as long as possible will help maintain a tight advertising budget. 

The small cost of retrofitting your signage with LED lights will quickly be earned back, and you will start saving money for other needs.