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Running A Pop-Up Restaurant? You'll Want These Types Of Custom Signs

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If you're a restaurant operator who is planning to launch a pop-up eatery in your community, there are plenty of tasks that you'll need to tackle before you open your doors. One thing on your to-do list should be to connect with a local custom sign company to have some signage made up. Given the temporary nature of your pop-up restaurant, you won't want permanent signs. Instead, you'll want a variety of affordable options that you can use during the short period of time that your eatery is open for business. Here are some types of signs to consider. 

Foamboard Sign

A foamboard sign can be a perfect type of sign to use for your pop-up restaurant. There are a number of ways that it can be handy, but a good choice is to think about displaying the menu on one or more of these signs. With a stylish and informative menu on a foamboard sign, it will be easy for your patrons to decide what they want to eat soon after entering. You can situate your foamboard sign on a stand in front of the counter where it will be visible to people as they wait to place their orders.

A-Frame Sign

An A-frame sign is a triangular-shaped sign that is often made of plastic, metal, or wood. While you can technically use an A-frame sign inside of your pop-up restaurant, this sign excels in outdoor spaces. That's because it is fairly heavy, which can make it resistant to gusts of wind that might blow over other types of temporary signage. One good design idea for an A-frame sign is to choose a design that alerts people to the presence of your pop-up eatery. Some people call A-frame signs "sidewalk signs" because of their value on sidewalks outside of businesses where they're visible to foot traffic.

Feather Flag Sign

You'll also want to speak to your custom sign provider about a feather flag sign. This is another good choice for displaying outside of your pop-up restaurant. People often choose vibrant colors for their feather flag signs, as this will improve visibility. This sign is also tall, which can help people to see it from a distance. This can be exactly the type of sign that is effective for drawing people over to your pop-up location to check it out, especially if you choose effective wording that catches people's attention.