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Restaurant Banner Design: 5 Ways To Add An Effective Call To Action

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Displaying a banner ad for your restaurant is great way to reach out to customers, show off menu items, and showcase new promotions. One way to help increase the effectiveness of the banner is by introducing a call to action. A call to action showcases more than just your business. It gives customers something to do, whether it's contacting your restaurant or arriving there in person. As you plan out a professional banner, consider the following five ways that you can add a call to action and properly promote your restaurant.

Restaurant Deliveries

If your restaurant delivers, then you can give customers instant access with your banner design. A delivery call to action can include a simple phrase like "Order Now" or "Free Delivery". Pair this text with your phone number so it's easy to read and a person can instantly contact you. Keep the text short and simple to read. This makes it easy for passing cars to easily see and process. Along with the text and number, use the sides of the banner design to feature a couple of meal options. For example, if you own a pizza restaurant, you can feature a pepperoni pizza image on the left and a mozzarella stick image on the right.

Full Menu Access

Give customers full access to your menu as quickly as possible. Using a banner design, you can place a call to action by using text phrases like "Check Out Our Full Menu" or "Read Our Menu." Follow this text up with a website address. The address should offer a direct link to the menu. If you do not have your own website, then you can use additional text or logos for social media websites that your business has menus posted on. This makes it easy for someone to look up your restaurant and see the full menu.

Specials & Free Promotions

Many banners are used to showcase limited time orders or free promotions. Entice customers further by using a call to action to help with the design. For example, if you're promoting a special where children can dine in for free, pair it with text like "Limited Time -- Enjoy Now!" or "Get It Before It's Gone." Using the different phrases will make the specials feel more limited and encourage customers to take advantage of the deals. Other examples include "Two Weeks Only - - Try Today" for a special meal or new menu option. Adding a time limit will help get customers there before it is too late and they cannot try it.

Local Attractions

Use local attractions to help create your call to action. For example, if your restaurant is located near a large golf course, then you can add text to your banner like "Golfer's Welcome" or "Check Us Out After You Golf!" Another thing you can cater to are special events in the area. For example, if a professional sports team is in the area, banners can be used for home games. For example, you can place a banner up that says "Dallas Cowboys Fans Eat Here". Do a little research of your local area and figure out large upcoming events that you can cater to. Mix the call to action with symbols and pictures that can help draw attention.

Driving Directions

In some cases, you can make your calls to action really direct. Add in driving directions to lead customers directly to your restaurant without any second-guessing. For example, you can add text like "Turn Right Here" or "One Mile Away." Use large arrows to pair the text with so that potential customers can easily find your location. The extra directions will not leave any doubt and can help make your restaurant easier to access than other ones in the area.

When designing a banner, try to limit it to one of these design choices. Banners that are overcrowded may be hard to read, especially when people are driving by it at fast speeds.