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3 Tips To Improve Your Commercial Real Estate Signage

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When it comes to selling commercial real estate, signage matters. The more visible an available property is, the more potential buyers will be drawn to the property. The design of your signage can have a direct impact on how quickly you are able to sell the properties entrusted to you by your clients.

Follow these tips to ensure your commercial real estate signage is attractive and effective.

1. Stick to the Basics

One of the most common mistakes realtors make when generating signage for their commercial real estate clients is including too much information on the sign itself. Potential buyers don't want to spend time reading through paragraphs of text to uncover pertinent information about the property.

You can fill them in later on the details, but your signage should include only the most basic information. Display the property's size, price, and zoning considerations on your sign to help buyers decide if they are interested.

2. Use Photographs

A lot of commercial real estate signs are printed using only text. This can be an affordable way to advertise available properties, but it isn't the most effective. Always use photographs on your commercial signage.

When a potential buyer is able to see what the interior of a building looks like simply by checking out your signage, you make it easier for the buyer to determine if the property will meet their needs. Including photographs can also help you eliminate text from your signs. Since viewers can see the property, you don't have to describe it.

3. Add Brochures

You will often find brochures included on residential real estate signage, but brochures are usually left out of the design of commercial real estate signage. You can improve the efficiency of your signage by making a conscious choice to add a brochure holder to each commercial sign you create.

Interested buyers can take a brochure with them, which will help remind them to contact you about the property in the future. Without brochure reminders, it can be easy for a potential buyer to forget about your property or to get it confused with another property available on the market.

Spending some time and effort on the creation of your commercial real estate signage can help you boost sales. Limit wording to basic information, add full-color photographs, and incorporate a brochure slot into all signs advertising the sale of commercial properties to reduce the amount of time it takes to sell these properties in the future.

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