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Need A New Business Sign? What To Discuss With Your Sign Manufacturer

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If you need a new business sign for your company, one of the things you need to do is work with a sign manufacturer to create the sign for you. You want to discuss several things with the manufacturer so you can make the most of your experience and get the sign you ultimately want. Here are things you should discuss with your sign manufacturer so you get the best signage for your needs.


Is your sign going to have lighting, or is the sign going to be digital? Do you want a simple sign that has a transparent background so it's naturally lit by back-lighting from your building's interior or simply the sun? Do you want bulb lighting in your sign, or do you want your sign manufacturer to explore vintage or modern neon lighting for your sign's needs?

Custom size and shape

Do you want your sign manufacturer to create a sign that matches the size and shape of a logo you want to produce? Do you have a custom sign shape in mind that goes with the overall curb appeal of your business? Is your sign going to take up a large section of your building's exterior or be a rather large placement on an existing sign?

The larger or more custom the shape and size of a sign is, the harder or more time-consuming it can be to create. You'll want to discuss with your sign manufacturer what can be done regarding creating the sign you really want, and what changes might need to be made to achieve this goal.

Packing and shipping

Unless a sign is created on-site, your sign manufacturer is going to have to pack and ship your sign to you. What will this cost, and how will they get the sign to you? If the sign is larger, it might need to be shipped by train or via a large truck. Otherwise, can pickup be arranged, and will the sign be packed in sections for easier transport or will the sign be shipped whole for easier assembly and setup?

A sign manufacturer can work with you to make your custom or standard business sign meet all your needs. Choose a budget before calling your sign manufacturer so you have a boundary for what you do financially when creating, packing, or shipping your new business sign. Any warranties or guarantees should be discussed before committing to any sign purchase as well.