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Designing Effective School Signs: Information You'd Need To Put Up

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School signs are a great way to communicate important information to students, parents, and school visitors. They can help create a positive school environment by providing direction and conveying school spirit.

School signs should be clearly labeled and easy to read to communicate school information. They should also include pertinent details that tell visitors what they need to know. Here's a look at what school signs should include.

School Name and Logo

Among the first things that people will notice when approaching your school sign are its name and logo. This information has to stand out so people can easily recognize it from afar.

Your school's logo should be simple enough to be recognized at a glance while still conveying your school's values or mission statement through visuals or text. Having an eye-catching design with bold colors that reflect your institution will make sure onlookers know exactly who you are right away.

You may include school colors and a mascot as part of your design, which will help further distinguish your school from others in the area. This is especially important if your school shares a name with other institutions.

Ultimately, school signs should act as a visual representation of your school's brand. So, take the time to create a school sign that accurately reflects who you are and what you stand for.

Contact Details 

The most obvious reason why schools should include their contact details on school signs is so that they are readily available when needed. For instance, say a student's parent needs to get in touch with someone at the school, but they don't know how to do so quickly or easily. This information displayed prominently on a sign can save them time and frustration.

In addition, it's not always possible for everyone who visits the school grounds—such as contractors or delivery personnel—to know exactly whom they should call to complete their task. Having an easy-to-find list of contacts makes it easier for these workers too.

Listing your contact details also serves as a form of school branding. When you consistently display your name, logo, and contact information on school signs around your school grounds, you help create a unique school identity that visitors and passersby can recognize and remember.

Keep in mind that school signs should be updated regularly. If your school contact details change, you'll need to ensure they're also updated on all school signs.

Be sure to include school contact details in a format that's easy to read and understand, such as with clear text or symbols like email addresses, phone numbers, website URLs, and social media handles. This way, school visitors can quickly and easily access school information.