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Ask If Your Agent Can Include These Features On Your Real Estate Sign

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Although there are many modern ways to market a house when it's for sale, such as virtual walk-throughs online, the traditional method of a "For Sale" sign posted on the house's front lawn is still effective. Countless people who may not be browsing online real estate listings will drive and walk past the sign, and many will take a look at the house to evaluate whether they might wish to know more about it. If you're about to list your house for sale and you want the lawn sign to be as effective as possible, make sure that your agent can promise these features on the sign.

Specific Feature About The Home

If you tour through a neighborhood that has multiple homes for sale, you may feel that most of the signs are similar. They all read "For Sale" and include the agent's name and phone number, and these common traits can make the signs blend in together. A sign can stand out, however, when it's customized to the home. Including just a few words about a desirable feature of the home can really entice people. For example, the sign could include "Five Bedrooms" or "2.5 Acres" or something similar. Think of what feature you feel is most enticing, and then see if the agent's sign can reflect this information.

Container For Flyers

The average person may be interested in knowing more about the home but may not want to call the agent or find the online listing. In this scenario, a small container affixed to the side of the sign to hold real estate flyers can be valuable. These flyers, commonly known as "feature sheets," are a one-page document that provides several small details about the house, its price, measurements of the rooms, and other relevant details. Pedestrians walking past your home may be eager to pick up a sheet, while motorists might even stop to grab one.

QR Code

Having a QR code on your real estate lawn sign essentially provides an electronic version of the feature sheet. Someone traveling past your home can see the sign, stop and scan the code with his or her smartphone, and easily be directed to the home's online listing. This feature is handy because many people, including those who might just be walking past the house while walking their dog, carry their smartphones with them. The availability of the QR code gives people a chance to learn more about the house in a matter of seconds.

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