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How To Use Vinyl Signs And Banners For Your Business's Grand Opening

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When you are ready to hold your business's grand opening, you want to make sure you capture the attention of as many people as possible. Having the right signage can help you to draw in customers to your grand opening. Here are just a few of the many ways you can use vinyl signs and banners for your grand opening.

Rows Of Teardrop Banners

Teardrop banners are typically tall, slim signs that feature bright colors. They are ideal for use near the road or entrance to your parking lot, and they can alert people passing by to your event. Consider having the banners printed in the same bright color, and have a different message on each banner. For example, one can feature your business name, and you can have "grand" printed on another banner and "opening" printed on a third. When placed all in a row along the side of the road, they tell potential customers exactly what is happening with your business. You can repeat these three signs along a longer stretch of road for even more impact.

Banners In Windows

Have a large "Grand Opening" banner printed for each of your storefront windows, and hang them in the center of each window. This helps to call out your business, particularly if you are located in a strip mall or shopping center, so people will know which business is celebrating. If you don't have storefront windows, have a banner printed for your front entrance instead.

Banners On Business Awnings

If your business has an awning over the front entrance, or if you have banners above each window, this offers a great place to hang vinyl banners. You can hang them below the banners to advertise your grand opening, or you can have custom banners printed with your business name and the grand opening message to put over your existing banners.

Vinyl Graphics In Windows

If you prefer a more eye-catching alternative to banners in your windows, consider having custom vinyl graphics made for your windows instead. They can be created to include images of the products you sell, or they can include sale prices you are offering in conjunction with your grand opening. These graphics are temporarily affixed to your windows, and they can be made to fit the length and width of each window for an effective marketing message.

Talk to a sign company like Davis Sign Co about the available options you have to choose from, and discuss your business's exterior setup so you can create a signage plan that works for your new business.