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Is It Time For A Sign Update? Signs That Say Yes

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With everything that goes into operating a business, seemingly smaller concerns like the condition of your outdoor signage can be somewhat of an afterthought. Don't make this mistake. Failure to pay attention to the condition of your sign could be causing you to miss out on potential customers. Make sure you know when your signage needs a little attention.

The Color Has Changed

When it comes to brand recognition, color plays an important role. If your color schemes is purple and white and the competitions colors are red and white, the last thing you want people doing is confusing the two of you.

If the color of your sign has faded from a rich purple, this is something that can happen. Once the coloring on your sign no longer matches the intended colors, it's time to start thinking about repairs or an upgrade.

The Font Is Hard to Read

If you can't clearly see what the content on your signs says, there is no need for you to assume that customers can. This is especially the case when it comes to customers driving past the sign at a fast pace.

Whether the lettering is in a font that is more challenging to decipher, the font has started to fade over time, or the font is simply too small for the size of the sign, it's time to make a change. When potential customers can't read the name of your business or quickly collect your contact information, this is a problem.

Your Business Model Has Changed

Businesses are always evolving, and this is a necessary step if you want to stay competitive. However, when these changes are made, owners sometimes have to make changes in other areas of their business, including their signage. For example, if you started off as a business that primarily catered to children, but have slowly evolved into a business that caters more towards teenagers and young adults, but you still have a sign that is geared toward a younger crowd, this might be hurting your brand.

It might be time to upgrade to something more appropriate, such as changing from a sign in primary colors to one that is black and white for a more mature feel.  

If your signage is displaying any of these characteristics, or you're simply no longer satisfied with it, it's time to reach out to a signage company like Apogee Signs. These professionals can help you make any necessary repairs or discuss replacement if necessary.