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3 Reasons To Use Power Pole Tags

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If you own power poles, you need to ensure that you are doing everything you can to take proper care of them. One way to ensure you are taking proper care of your power pole is by using power pole tags on them. These tags offer many advantages and are a worthwhile investment to make in order to keep track of all the poles you own. 

Reason #1: Establish Ownership

Power poles are everywhere in the United States. They are next to busy streets and located out in the middle of nowhere. With so many power poles everywhere, it can be difficult to know just who owns it and who is responsible for it should it get damaged in any way.

Power pole tags are designed to clarify ownership issues. You can have the tag printed with the individual or company name that owns it directly on the tag. This makes it much easier to verify who owns it, and if something happens to the pole, a tag makes it easier to reach out to you, the owner, about fixing it.

Reason #2: Record Keeping

With a power pole tag, you can assign each pole that you own its own unique identification number. It will be easier to keep maintenance logs for each pole by assigning each one its own unique identification number. Any service technicians that work on it can note its number, which will allow for more accurate records of the long-term services that it has received.

You can even design a tag with a barcode that connects to a digital record system so that anyone who works on the pole can scan the barcode, connect to the digital records system, and enter in any maintenance that they perform, and see what other maintenance and services that unit has received in the past.

Reason #3: Long-Lasting Identification

Another reason to use power pole tags is that they provide a long-lasting solution for identifying the pole by ownership and number. The information is engraved on the tag. They are also specifically made to withstand exposure to all the elements without wearing them down. It is one of the best ways to ensure that your poles are properly identified.

If you own power poles, you will want to invest in power pole tags that will allow you to establish ownership and identify each unit that you own. They will enhance your record-keeping and are a long-term identification solution, as they are made to last. You can order them in bulk with individual identifying numbers, so you can cover all of your poles with the same tags.