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Businesses Should Use LED Signs For These 5 Reasons

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The commercial LED sign is rapidly becoming one of the dominant forms of illuminated signage. If you're unsure if your business ought to use them, there are several common reasons why companies adopt them. Here are five reasons for moving your signs to LED models.

Greater Clarity

LED signs tend to have less glow. While this does reduce their visual warmth compared to older systems, especially neon and argon systems, it tends to make them more readable. This is especially beneficial at night when people's eyes don't necessarily adapt as well to warm and glowing lights.

Similarly, commercial LED signs tend to have cleaner and truer colors. If you put white text on LED signage, for example, it will usually be much clearer for reading. Also, it will convey crisp images.

Lower Operating Costs

Light-emitting diodes are among the most cost-efficient ways to illuminate signs. LEDs consume very little electricity, especially compared to older ways of lighting signage. Also, they usually light themselves up so you don't have to fuss with backlighting, a common issue with LCD systems.

The loss of a couple of diodes in the system is unlikely to cause it to fail. Consequently, you generally won't have to replace or repair signs as often compared to other illuminated systems.

Reduced Heat

Due to lower electricity consumption, LED signs also don't put out as much heat. This makes it safer to place them closer to certain materials. If you want to have them a few inches from the side of a wooden building, for example, that's safe to do.

Physical Lightness 

LEDs are also quite light physically. This makes it easier for sign installers to lift them. If you want to place a sign in a very high spot, such as the top of a tall building, the weight of a commercial LED sign won't be the main limit on the project.

This opens up a wider range of where you can locate the signs, too. Place one on the side of a building, for example, won't require much support. Similarly, that means you can usually go bigger with your LED signs. Unsurprisingly, this makes any repair, replacement, and modification work easier, too.


Many styles of LED signs are highly programmable. This means you can quickly rotate the messages and images on the sign. A restaurant might change its signage to reflect the daily specials, for example. Gas stations can also change listed prices faster. Many businesses even rent their LED signage to others because they can easily program stuff in or take it out.

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