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Tips To Help You Repair Your RV Awning Fabric

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When you get your RV out this spring to prepare it for use, check its awning to make sure there are no holes or tears needing repair. If you do find damage to the awning fabric, you can make them yourself and avoid having to replace the entire awning. Here are some tips for making repairs to your awning. Fabric Patch and Glue If your awning has a tear or a hole that is less than three feet long and no more than 14 of the awning’s length, you can patch the hole or tear with some new fabric. Read More»

3 Low Cost Ways To Advertise Your Small Business

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One of the biggest challenges you’ll face as a small business is promoting yourself in your area. You won’t have a steady customer base unless your customers know that you’re there. On the other hand, advertising is expensive, and as a new small business, you’re working with a tight budget. Luckily, with some creativity, you can create a buzz about your business in your local area for less money than you would think. Read More»